Closing Gaps


I have been stitching and mending and fixing holes and I followed a recipe and shared it and learning and teaching and teaching and learning.

I tried to make a step by step mending guide with this project but got carried away and forgot to take a picture of each individual step.


It’s also possible to determine my techniques without a guide. The well documented mend allows me to see where I’ve been and where I have to go with colors, techniques, stray threads.


Not to mention weird shapes in direct sunlight. Everything looks good in the golden hour.

14:53 on 02.04.19


Quilted Needle Case

For Florina’s summer birthday I created this needle case from scrap fabrics, beads, sequins, and thread. I started with a general idea, but no written pattern or plan so I had to adjust and change the style as I went.


Now I just need to make one for myself.

Aletsch Glacier

Last month I traveled to Fiesch, Switzerland with my au pair family. We took the gondola in the town up to Eggishorn to view the Altesch Glacier. The older kids and I hiked across the rim to Bettmerhorn and met the rest of the family for lunch on top of the mountain. These are a few pictures from the trip and a project I started when we returned home to Germany.


Recreating textures