Domestic, orderly ideals are challenged by their very potential to unravel and fall apart at any moment. The unraveling of thread and the dropped stitch - the banes of a knitter’s existence - reference the inevitability of human nature to go back, pick up the pieces, and organize messes made. In order to understand entropy’s role in domesticity, two texts were important in the research and development of this collection. The first is the short story The Heat Death of the Universe by Pamela Zoline. The second is the novel Elective Affinities by Goethe. Both texts refer to the chaos that will ensue if mundane daily tasks fall to the wayside. The disruption seems catastrophic in proportion to the neglected duties. This relationship is similar the butterfly effect. The effect, based on Lorenz’s model, can be summarized as, “a sensitive dependence on initial conditions.”1

1 Bradley, Larry. “The Butterfly Effect.” Chaos & Fractals. Accessed April 23, 2018. http://www.stsci. edu/~lbradley/seminar/butterfly.html.

Knitwear: Brynna Hall, Photography: Adele Trefy (digital), Olivia Bono (film), Art Direction: Tayla Ederesinghe Model: Satya Sullivan